Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Breakout Boxes

7th grade GOAL classes:  You are the first GOAL classes to work with Breakout Boxes.  Reflect on your experiences.

1.  How would you define "Breakout Box" in your own words?  How would you tell another person what Breakout Boxes are?

2.  You worked to solve two teacher-made Breakout Boxes in class, a Communication Through the Ages box and a Mark Twain box.  What are the skills needed to solve a Breakout Box like these?  Explain.

3.  You helped to design your own Breakout Box.  What skills are needed to design a Breakout Box?

4.  Describe what went well when the other team tried to solve your Breakout Box.

5.  What were unexpected challenges when the other team tried to solve your Breakout Box?  What do you think were the reasons for the challenges?

6.  Think of at least one other classroom setting or topic that would make a good Breakout Box, and explain.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Documentary Reflections

Write a post reflecting on your documentary filmmaking experience.  Embed your videos from YouTube, and thoughtfully answer the following questions:
  • Describe the process you went through to make your documentary.  Each group's process was a little different.  Tell how you made yours work.
  • What are some specific interesting facts you learned about your topic?
  • What are some specific things you learned about filmmaking?
  • What are some specific things you learned about successful collaboration and working in groups?
  • Which parts of your documentary make you proud?  Why?
  • Which parts of your documentary would you improve if you had more time?  Explain.
  • What is your advice for the group next year on how to successfully complete this unit and to make stellar documentaries?

Monday, May 16, 2016

Hannibal Reflections

Please write a blog post to respond to the following questions.  You may include any appropriate pictures of your own from the day.

1.  Give a summary of the field trip for anyone who might not know about our Mark Twain unit or might not have ever been to Hannibal, Missouri.

2.  What was the most educational part of the trip and why?  What did you learn?

3.  What was the most fun part of the trip and why?

4.  What part of the trip would you improve for next year's class if you could?  Explain.

5.  How did your Mark Twain research help prepare you for your trip to Hannibal?  Explain.

When you finish, comment on the blogs of at least 5 classmates (use this website for tips on good commenting, if needed), and then you may go to any site on the lefthand side of this blog under Idleness Prevention Society, or you may read for your independent reading contracts.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Independent Project Reflection

Please write a blog post about your independent project.  Include the following:

  1. Embed your project into your post.  If you did a display, take a picture of the project to include in your post.
  2. Explain what your topic was and why you chose it.
  3. Discuss what part of your project made you the most proud and why.
  4. What were the one or two most interesting things you learned?  Explain.
  5. If you could improve your project, how would you change it, or what would you add?
After you have finished your post, please comment on the posts of at least 5 other students.  If you need helping knowing how to write good comments, please watch this video:

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

7th Grade: Mark Twain Biography

Please get a set of headphones and go to the following link:  We will discuss this video in class on Thursday, so be prepared.

Monday, April 25, 2016

5th Grade GOAL Poetry Reflection

Create a new blog post and answer the following:

  1. How did your opinion of poetry change during our poetry unit?  Explain.
  2. Which poetry activity did you enjoy the most?  Explain.
  3. What poem did you share (or are going to share) with the class?  Give the title and name of the poet.  Why did you choose this one?  
When you're done, publish your blog post and then share the url (web address) of your blog with Mrs. Edlin in an e-mail.  Then you may go to any of the activities in Idleness Prevention Society on the lefthand side of this blog.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

7th Grade: Mark Twain Webquest

You will find the Mark Twain Webquest here:

Your groups are made up of people from your GOAL class.  You will find your groups in the Google Doc shared with you through your e-mail.  You will be combining your answers together to make a Google Presentation.  Start at the "Welcome" tab, and then continue down the line with the following tabs.  They explain how to complete the project.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Images of Greatness Reflection

Now that the big night is history, reflect on your process and project.  Write a blog post that includes the following:

  1. a picture of you with your project (you can also include the group photo, if you'd like)
  2. a description of your person and how they were/are important in their field or in history
  3. how the person ties with your own personal definition of greatness
  4. a description of the food you brought and how it tied with your person 
  5. what part of your project made you the proudest
  6. what you'd improve about your project and/or challenges you faced completing your project
Then, comment on the blogs of others.  Share your observations about their projects and performances.