Wednesday, August 24, 2016

2016-2017 1st Blog Post

Complete the following steps.

1.  Go to your blog (or create a blog if you don't have one yet).  Check to make sure your links work.  You may change the title, but you MAY NOT CHANGE THE ADDRESS!  My own blog has an old address but a new title, so I feel your pain.

2.  Create a new blog post.  Give it the title "2016-2017 1st Blog Post."  Set some goals for yourself for this new year.  Set an academic goal, set a personal behavior goal, and set an improvement goal.  Explain why they are all 3 important areas for you to work on this year.

3.  Watch this video on how to leave good comments... I know it's cheesy for you middle school students, but these kids know what they're talking about.  Even if you've watched it before, watch it again!

4.  Go to the lefthand side of my blog in the section called Idleness Prevention Society.  Check out some of the links.  If you see any that don't work, include them in the comment you're going to write to this post.  Note the links that are blocked by the school filter instead of not working at all.  You can check these out at home.  Know any good sites for me to include?  Include them in the comment to this post!

5.  Go to the righthand side of my blog.  Is your blog listed in the correct grade level?  If not, tell me in the comment you're going to leave in step 6.

6.  When you're done with numbers 1-4, comment on this blog post.  Your comment should use the tips given in the video and also a link to your own blog's url.  Show me you learned something, or ask some questions... leave a good comment.  Then you may tweak the settings/backgrounds/fonts on your own blog and/or check out Idleness Prevention Society in detail for the rest of the period.  Get blogging!