Friday, May 19, 2017

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Images of Greatness... THE BIG REFLECTION!

This quarter has been all about Images of Greatness.  Using elaborated communication, reflect and respond on a new blog post to the following:

  1. Upload an image of you with your display board.  Mrs. Edlin will send it to you through e-mail.
  2. Who was your Image of Greatness?  Why are they great, and what about them do you admire?
  3. What part of the unit makes you most proud?
  4. What part of the unit was the most challenging?
  5. How did you grow as a student/learner/person because of this unit?
  6. How could you improve your work on this unit?  What would you do differently?
  7. What was the best part of the actual Images of Greatness Celebration?
Now, think of our Images of Greatness field trip.  Upload a picture or two... ask for Mrs. Edlin or a friend to send you some if you don't have any of your own.
  1. What was your favorite educational part the field trip?  Explain.
  2. In which part of the field trip did you learn the most?  Explain.
  3. What about the trip surprised you?  Explain.
  4. Discuss one of the categories you listed on your paper from the art museum.
  5. Did you break out of your Escape Chamber?  Why or why not?
  6. What part of the trip was the most fun?  Explain.
Now, think of your four years (or less) in GOAL.  
  1. What's the best part of GOAL?
  2. What advice would you give students for how to succeed in GOAL?
  3. What would you warn them about?
  4. What should they be excited about?
  5. What will you miss?