Thursday, February 25, 2016

Invent Iowa Reflection

On your blog, reflect on the Invent Iowa process.  Use elaborated communication in your answers.

  • Post a picture of your board and your prototype, if you have one.  Attach links, if needed.
  • Describe the problem you tried to solve.
  • Explain how your invention is a solution to the problem.
  • Reflect on your process.  What went well?  What were your challenges?
  • If you could modify or change your invention at this point, what would you do, and why?
  • Give any advice to future inventors on how to make this project go smoothly.
When your reflection is done, comment on the posts of others.  Remember what it takes to make good comments on others' blogs.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Robin Hood Costume Ideas

The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood will be presented at FMS on March 3 & 4, 2016.  Cast members:  Look here for costume ideas.  Costumes are due by Monday, February 22.

Merry Men:  Here are some idea pictures for you.  Try to stick with colors found in nature like gray, green, brown, some black (not all black), and maybe some oranges and yellows too.  Leggings, tights, or long johns on the bottom, and long shirts/tunics on the top either belted or roped at the middle.  Brown or black shoes or boots or Converse in any color for shoes.

Fawning Ladies: Long skirts and blouses or long dresses.  Ballet slippers or slip on flats that don't click too badly for shoes.  We'll provide flowers for your hair.  Here are some idea pictures:

Guards:  All black... black shirts, black pants, and black shoes.  We'll provide the hoods.