Thursday, May 30, 2013

8th grade GOAL, 5/31/13

Click here to go to Miss Nelson's end of the year survey.

7th grade GOAL, 5/31/13: Learning to Play Bridge

As a follow-up to the Louis Sachar book, The Cardturner, 7th grade GOAL students will be learning how to play bridge in the last week of school.  Use the following websites and videos to give yourself some background knowledge.  Start a google doc to take notes.

At 11:15, stop looking at websites and go to your blog.  Write about bridge.  Use the following questions as a guide if you can't think of what to write about.  What do you understand at this point?  What is still confusing?  What are you looking forward to?  What did you learn by looking at the different bridge sites today?  What about bridge is coming back to you from The Cardturner.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mark Twain Webquest

7th grade GOAL students:  You will find your Mark Twain Webquest at this link:

Go there and follow the directions. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Critical Concepts Directions: May 3 & May 6

Critical Concepts Class - Friday and Monday  May 3 & 6, 2013
We will meet in the upstairs Mac Lab

Do the following in the order it is listed.  You may not complete all of these in one day.  

1) Finish all the lessons on Digitial Citizenship we did this week.  (Ignition)

2) Retake quizzes on any lesson you did not have 70% or higher.

3) To be done you will have to take the survey again so don’t worry when it pops up again.
Just take it to finish.

4) Create a new Google document and share with Miss Nelson
A) List 3 things you learned this week in class
B) Give your opinion of this program. Should we use it again? Did you find it helpful?
Was is frustrating to do? Was is boring? Etc.

5) Do Fastt Math Lesson

6) Explore different Public Service Announcements. In our next unit, we'll be making a public service announcement. 

Public Service Announcements are free messages in the public interest put out by the media to raise awareness and to change attitudes and behavior towards a social issue.  Watch as many examples of PSA's as you can on the websites:

On the Google doc you shared with Miss Nelson, answer the following:

a. Copy and paste the links to 3 good PSA's.
b. Write why you thought they were good Public Service Announcements.
c. Brainstorm 10 possible topics that you would be interested in researching and making into a PSA for others to see. Use this website to help you with ideas (
d. What kind of advertisements get your attention when you watch TV or are on the internet?
e. What would a PSA need to have to get teenagers to listen or to think about an issue?

7) Do Type To Learn Lesson (Go to if you've finished Type To Learn)


Design a cover for the FMS 2013-2014 Assignment Journal. You can do this on paper or on the computer. The design must fit on a 8" x 9" paper with the words fitting a 6'' x 8 3/4" space. It must be colored, school appropriate, and focusing on our school's mission: TROJAN PRIDE: Inspire. Empower. Achieve.

8) Play Financial Literacy or Cool Math Games ONLY WHEN EVERYTHING ELSE IS COMPLETE! Remember you are being graded on the Digital Citizenship Lesson we did this week.