Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Invent Iowa Reflection/Self-Assessment

Now that we've had our Invention Convention, it's time to reflect.  Complete the following:

  1. Using your rubric, mark where you think you scored in each section and add up your totals.  Make sure your name is on it, and hand it in to Mrs. Edlin on your way out today.
  2. Start a new blog post called "Invent Iowa."
  3. Upload the picture of your invention that Mrs. Edlin will be sending you to your blog post.
  4. Answer each of these questions with a short paragraph on your blog post.
    1. What is your invention called?  Give a brief description.
    2. What problem were you trying to solve?
    3. How does your invention solve that problem?
    4. What are you most proud of with this project?  Explain.
    5. What were the challenges you faced during this project?  How did you face those challenges?
    6. What would you do to improve your project or make it better for the next level of competition, if you were to go?
  5. Publish your post!