Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Analyzing Our Own Differences in Learning

Take the following personality/learning tests.  Record your results for each activity in one new blog post.

Jung Typology Test (Analyze your results here)
Multiple Intelligences Test
The VARK Questionnaire:  How Do I Learn Best?

Then, in your blog post, reflect on your results.  Answer the following:
  • What do these tests tell you about yourself?
  • How can this information help you in class?
  • How can this information help you outside of class?
  • How can this information help you advocate for your own learning?

After writing your own blog post, read the blog posts of others.  See all the different ways your classmates learn!  Comment on at least 3 posts.  When done, you may read and/or go to any site on the Idleness Prevention Society section of this blog.

Miss Nelson's results:
Jung: ENFP (Extroverted, Intuition, Feeling, Perceiving)
Top 3 Intelligence: Language, Musical, Social
VARK Questionnaire: Visual: 1, Aural: 2, Read/Write: 11, Kinesthetic: 2

These tests tell me that I am a reader and a writer.  I need to read the directions to understand something best.  I communicate through words.  I'm an idea person, but I'm a procrastinator too, especially if I get bored.  Knowing this can help me in school by making sure there are written directions to follow.  I also need to keep a calendar for long-term assignments so I don't wait until the last minute.  Outside of class, I think this information confirms my favorite hobbies: reading and musical theatre.  I can advocate for my own learning by knowing how I learn because I can create situations that go best with how I learn: I can work in groups, I can focus on reading & writing, and I can ask teachers to break long-term assignments into manageable smaller goals and deadlines.

Monday, September 8, 2014


For today, please complete the following:

1.  Fill out this quick survey regarding your blog: GOAL Blogs Survey.

2.  Make sure the reading survey from September 4 is complete.

3.  Make sure your first blog post is published (about the goals for the new school year).  Check it and fix for errors and incomplete sentences.

4.  Finish working on your Goodreads account.  Update your reading, accept/request friends, rate and label more books.

5.  If you haven't done so, view the video at the bottom of the post from September 5 which is the introduction for our first unit.

6.  Complete the blog entry on the video (instructions found on September 5 below the video link).

7.  Read and respond to the blog posts of others.  First you need to know HOW to write good comments.  Yes, this seems obvious.  But with student blogging, it's the area which always disappoints me the most.  Even first graders seem to know how to do this better than middle school students.  Case in point: Watch the first grade video on commenting, and PAY ATTENTION to what these kids are talking about.  I know this is geared for elementary kids, but have fun with the Panda and learn from the younger generation about how to write a good blog post.


8.  Now actually read and respond to other blog posts.  Look at the righthand margin of this blog to find all the GOAL student blogs.  Read and respond to at least 3 posts about goals for the new year and at least 3 posts about the Temple Grandin video.  Try to find blogs that don't have any comments yet.  Read and edit before you post to avoid silly errors.  You may comment on GOAL blogs from any grade.

9.  Go back to your blog and see what others have said.  Respond to their comments if/when necessary.

10.  If there are any design modifications you'd like to make to your blog (background colors, margin widths, etc.), you may do it now.

11.  When you're done with everything, you may go to any of the sites on my blog along the lefthand margin under the category: Idleness Prevention Society.

Friday, September 5, 2014


Here's what we'll work on today:


If you DO NOT have a Goodreads account yet, we'll get you set up with one.

If you DO have a Goodreads account, you need to edit your bookshelves.

  • Instead of "Poetry," rename the shelf "Poetry & Novels Written in Verse."
  • Add a shelf for "Action/Adventure."
  • Add a shelf for "Graphic Novels."
  • Add a shelf for "2014-2015 School Year."
  • Add any books you read over the summer, and tag them with the appropriate shelves (NOT your new school year shelf).
  • Add any books you started since school began, and tag them with the appropriate shelves, making sure to include your new "2014-2015 School Year" shelf.  You'll need to include this label for every book you read for this year's contract.
  • Add friends from the FMS GOAL group, if you'd like to.
  • Read through your updates, looking for books you might want to add to your "Want to read" shelf.


When your Goodreads account is ready to go and you've finished your blog post from yesterday, watch the following film to give you an introduction to our new unit to start the year.  This unit will be on Differences in Learning.  This unit is to give you an awareness of all the ways people learn.  You will develop understanding for people who learn differently from you, and you will better understand your own ways of learning.  When you know how you learn best, you can begin to advocate for yourself and take charge of your own learning and academic success.

Then, write a blog post describing what you saw, what you learned, and what it made you think about and/or wonder about.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


It's going to be a great year in room 101... here's your first assignment:

1. Reading Survey:  Please complete the reading survey found at this link.

2.  Blogs:  Make sure you can get into your blog, and write your first post!  It should include the following:
  • What you're looking forward to this school year
  • What skills you have that will make you successful this school year
  • What challenges you have that might hinder your success this school year
  • What your goals are for this school year... How do you want to improve yourself and change for the better?
3.  Goodreads Accounts:  We're going to get these set up and adjusted for the new school year.  We'll make a couple of changes to better manage your reading this year.