Friday, September 5, 2014


Here's what we'll work on today:


If you DO NOT have a Goodreads account yet, we'll get you set up with one.

If you DO have a Goodreads account, you need to edit your bookshelves.

  • Instead of "Poetry," rename the shelf "Poetry & Novels Written in Verse."
  • Add a shelf for "Action/Adventure."
  • Add a shelf for "Graphic Novels."
  • Add a shelf for "2014-2015 School Year."
  • Add any books you read over the summer, and tag them with the appropriate shelves (NOT your new school year shelf).
  • Add any books you started since school began, and tag them with the appropriate shelves, making sure to include your new "2014-2015 School Year" shelf.  You'll need to include this label for every book you read for this year's contract.
  • Add friends from the FMS GOAL group, if you'd like to.
  • Read through your updates, looking for books you might want to add to your "Want to read" shelf.


When your Goodreads account is ready to go and you've finished your blog post from yesterday, watch the following film to give you an introduction to our new unit to start the year.  This unit will be on Differences in Learning.  This unit is to give you an awareness of all the ways people learn.  You will develop understanding for people who learn differently from you, and you will better understand your own ways of learning.  When you know how you learn best, you can begin to advocate for yourself and take charge of your own learning and academic success.

Then, write a blog post describing what you saw, what you learned, and what it made you think about and/or wonder about.

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