Tuesday, June 4, 2013

6th & 7th grade GOAL: 6/4/13

6th grade GOAL:

1.  Complete this survey.  Make sure to explain your answers thoroughly.

2.  Go to Goodreads.com.  Set up an account using the Google button and your school username and password.

Follow the directions on each page, rating books, choosing genres, and setting up your account.  You'll be using this account to keep your reading log online.  Be sure to include the books you've read this Once your account is created, find the "groups" section.  Search for FMS GOAL and request to join. 

3.  If you finish, add some friends from this class and other GOAL classes.  If you've completed everything, you can play vocabulary games at www.freerice.com.  You can also read for your contract... we'll do contract self-evaluations tomorrow!

7th grade GOAL:

1.  Complete this survey.  Make sure your answers are explained thoroughly.

2.  Add a new journal letter blog entry on your blog, discussing the last book you read/the book you're currently reading.

3.  Update your Goodreads accounts.  We'll be doing your contract self-evaluations tomorrow, so make sure things are current.

3.  If you get done, you may: 1. continue your exploration of the game of bridge using the links from last week, 2. read for your independent reading contract, or 3. play vocabulary games at www.freerice.com.