Saturday, March 6, 2010

I Love Learning Something New

This week, at the Young Writer's Conference, I learned about two things I'd never heard of before. Author William Durbin spoke about his books and the research that had gone into them. His book, The Broken Blade, is about The Voyageurs of the North West Company Fur Trade. I knew very little about the Fur Trade, and I'd never heard of The Voyageurs before. I found some websites with some information about them.

Info at the Parks Canada website

The other new thing I learned about was the Winter War between Finland and Russia. William Durbin's newest book, The Winter War, is about this subject. I had seriously never heard of this before, and it's an amazing world event. Here is more information:

For 20 NUPoints, check out one of these websites and comment with something new you learned about either The Voyageurs or The Winter War.

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  1. I learned that the 'winter war' was almost as bad as the holocaust... I never found out if they were or were not the same, but I will just hope that they are different.