Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekly Preview

6th-8th GOAL: We'll have the laptops in class on Monday and Wednesday to finish up our Words of Wisdom projects. I'd like to start presenting on Thursday and finish up Friday. Tuesday is our library day, so we'll booktalk, and you'll have a chance to read and check out new books. You may also work on your Words of Wisdom projects in the library, provided there are no other classes working on the computers at that time.

7th Language Arts: On Monday, we'll have our spelling pretest for Week 2. You'll have the rest of the class period to work on pretest corrections & your spelling book assignment. Both will be due Wednesday. Pen Pal letters are due for teacher edit this Thursday. That means you've hand-written your rough draft, self-revised it, typed draft 2, peer conferenced with it at least twice, fixed it based on those conferences, self-edited, fixed again, and addressed an envelope. If you didn't get your rough draft in Friday, I expect to see it Monday. Otherwise, you can finish it up after school Monday.

Here's to another great week at FMS!

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