Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekly Preview: 2/7-2/11

This week's schedule is a revision of last week's schedule, thanks to our 3 snow days.

6th GOAL: More Great Ocean Rescue! Each group is getting better with every mission in using the data provided, debating skills, and problem-solving strategies.

7th GOAL: The snow days last week really messed with our History Day research. We'll be trying to finish up our research by Wednesday of this week. We'll use Thursday and Friday as our days to analyze research and draw conclusions.

8th GOAL: The snow days have also messed with Images of Greatness research. Since the date is set, we won't be adding extra days to the end of the project. Students will be researching through this week. Next week, the major work begins.

7th Language Arts: We've carried over spelling from last week. Page 124 (1-20) will be due on Wednesday. Refer to last week's Weekly Preview for the list. The rest of this week will be spent working on Design-An-Ad. Rough drafts are due Tuesday, and final drafts will be due Friday.

Don't forget that ITBS testing starts Tuesday. Students, get plenty of sleep, and eat a good breakfast. Let's all do our very best!

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