Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weekly Preview: 5/2-5/6

6th GOAL: We're continuing our work w/ GPS & Geocaching. Monday, students jigsawed articles about how GPS receivers work, the history and applications of GPS, and the basics of Geocaching. Later in the week, they'll be using GPS technology to map different locations on school grounds and to build their own scavenger hunt.

7th GOAL: We're still working on our animated movies. We hope to be done filming this week so we can move into adding sound and finishing the movies next week.

8th GOAL: We're continuing work with documentary filmmaking. This week's focus is writing the script for our films and getting our interview footage uploaded to iMovie.

7th Language Arts: No spelling this week. We're finishing up our fractured fairy tale Zoobursts (due Friday) and getting ready for the big Pen Pal Party on Friday morning where we finally get to meet our pen pals face-to-face!

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