Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekly Preview: 4/16-4/20, 2012

Spring has sprung! Here's what's happening in Room 101 this week:

Book Fair! All GOAL classes will be attending the Book Fair on Tuesday, along with having their regularly scheduled library day.

6th GOAL: Students are starting their "Stuff" unit on consumption. We'll be looking at consumption trends in our own lives and across the globe. On Monday and Wednesday, we'll be tracing our own stuff across the globe to find that stuff's path to us. Thursday and Friday, students will be analyzing one particular product to see its consumption history. Posters with data collected will be due at the end of the class on Friday.

7th GOAL: Students have this week to finish research for their independent projects. Next week, they will be working on the project made from this research.

8th GOAL: Students are continuing to work on their documentary films. This week, interviews should be completed, and students will also be working on research, scripts, and storyboards.

7th Language Arts: Students will be learning more about the 8 Parts of Speech this week. We'll be playing Preposition Ball, and students will be planning a way to teach the class about a certain Part of Speech. There will not be a spelling pretest this week because it's a review week. We'll have a Maintenance Test on Friday for weeks 25-29. Book pages 183 (1-20), 184 (1-20), and 185 (1-10) are due Wednesday.

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