Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekly Preview: 9/4-9/7, 2012

I hope you all had a nice 3-day Labor Day Weekend.  Here's how the short school week is shaping up in room 101:

6th GOAL: We've begun our read-aloud book, Okay For Now, by Gary D. Schmidt.  I'll be reading for a few minutes every day to start our class.  In the next few weeks, students will be responding to and discussing the book on a class wiki.  Stay tuned for details.  This class is enjoying its Models and Design unit.  We'll be investigating more black boxes this week including the Drought Stopper and the Humdinger.  Students will create both conceptual and visual models to theorize how these black boxes work.

7th GOAL:  We've begun our read-aloud book, The Cardturner, by Louis Sachar.  Like in 6th grade, students will, in the next few weeks, be discussing this book in a wiki.  This class is continuing its poetry exploration by working with alphabet dice poetry, graffiti poetry, and pantoums.

8th GOAL:  We've begun our read-aloud book, To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, and in the next few weeks, students will begin discussing this book on a class wiki.  I'm excited to share this classic with them!  This class is working hard to learn Mandarin Chinese vocabulary.  It's hard work!  This week, students will be choosing the 50 terms they feel are most important to know to have a very  introductory knowledge of Mandarin Chinese.  They'll be using these terms in a skit and working up to a quiz sometime in the next week or so, depending on how long the skits take.

8th Critical Concepts:  We've moved on from our internet safety unit.  Now we're working on our keyboarding skills.  We'll be in the lab for the next few weeks working on a computer program called Type To Learn 4.  It starts students off at their current typing level, so it's very individualized.  Every student will be able to grow in his/her own keyboarding skills!  We're also still checking assignment journals every day, so students need to make sure they have theirs filled out for every class period.

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