Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekly Preview, 8/26-8/30, 2013

hot weather photo: Weather - Hot Weather-Hot.gif It's the first full week of school, but because of the horribly hot temperatures, it's not going to feel like the first full week.  Here at the middle school, we're lucky to have air-conditioning, but since we're the only building in the district to be so lucky, we'll be on an 8:00-1:30 heat schedule all week.  Even with the shortened periods, we'll still be able to accomplish a lot of good things in GOAL class though!

5th GOAL:  This week, the 5th grade students will get used to coming downstairs to room 101 for GOAL.  We'll be getting to know each other, and then they'll get started on their Words of Wisdom assignment that the 6-8th graders have already begun.

6th GOAL, 7th GOAL, & 8th GOAL:  Outside of school, students are gathering their words of advice from multiple sources.  In class, GOAL students are in the computer lab this week.  They are setting up and/or modifying their Goodreads accounts and getting them linked to their school blogs.  They will be working on their blogs too, getting them ready to go for this school year.  I plan for their blogs to be a portfolio of learning of all the things we cover in GOAL this year.  FYI:  Library Day will still be on Tuesdays this year.

English 8:  Students are finishing up with classroom procedures, and they will be starting their short story unit.  FYI:  Library Day will be on Wednesdays this year.

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