Thursday, November 10, 2016

Independent Project Reflections

Now that you're done presenting your projects, write a blog post sharing and reflecting on your experience.  Include the following:

  • Embed your project into your blog post.  If you did a poster or a model, take a picture of it and insert that picture into your post.
  • Briefly describe your project, both your topic and the format in which you presented. 
  • What do/did you like most about your project?  Explain. 
  • What was the hardest part of this project, and why?
  • How did you improve as a learner or as a student during the process of this project?  Explain.
  • If you could do the whole thing over again, what would you change and/or improve?  Why?
  • If you have any genuine suggestions about how to improve this project or how to make this project more meaningful to future students, please include them at the end.
Publish your blog post, and submit the link on the Canvas assignment (for your class, NOT the read-aloud section).

When you finish, you may visit any link under Idleness Prevention Society at the left-hand side of this blog

1 comment:

  1. I liked how I used my own personal experience into my slide and told you how many I have had and how. The hardest part I would say was trying to get my slide done in a matter of 2 days if you can't tell I rushed. I learned that I need to add pictures too it. I would have added a demonstration and proof read it because you guys didn't quite get it and I think a demonstration would have been nice. I don't have anything for the last one.