Wednesday, December 16, 2009

From Now Until Break...

We have four days to go until we're off for Christmas Break. They're going to be crazy, so hang on to your hats.

Language Arts: You have 4 class days left to get your writing in for teacher edit. Friday will be a shortened class period because of the talent show and our spelling test. Tuesday will be shortened due to the early out. Therefore, plan accordingly! The lab stays open until 4:00 after school. Ask for passes for study hall or for Monday's homeroom. Do what you need to do to make that deadline!

6th & 8th GOAL: Independent Project Presentations will start Friday. We'll get as many done as we can before break. We'll have to finish after the break, I'm sure. Please don't forget to write on the class wiki to discuss the read-aloud books.

7th GOAL: We're all done with Independent Project Presentations. Don't forget to write on the class wiki for the read-aloud book. You should all have your epidemics books (Dr. Jenner & the Speckled Monster/Code Orange, American Plague/Fever, 1793, or Black Potatoes/Nory Ryan's Song) to read now and over the break. You must have your two read by January 8. If you finish early, you may read one or more books of your choice from the other epidemics. This information will be your preview to the upcoming Disease Detective unit for the third quarter in language arts, science, and social studies (and possibly more) classes.

Our annual talent show will be Friday, so look forward to that fun event. I know I am! Also, Thursday is the last day for The Lord's Cupboard food drive, so don't forget your food and/or money!

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