Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

All right, my darlings, back to the old grind! :) I'm looking forward to seeing all of you tomorrow. Even though I could lie around eating bonbons for a few more weeks, I'm actually happier when I'm accomplishing. Here's what lies ahead...

* Play practice will start this week... probably Wednesday. I will get schedules to you in homeroom, and I'll put a reminder on the announcements too. When the schedule is done, I'll scan it and put it on this blog so you can access it from here if you forget.

* 6th grade GOAL: We're going to finish independent projects, we're going to continue reading Al Capone Does my Shirts, and we're going to start our work for the Invent Iowa competition!

* 7th grade GOAL: We're going to continue reading epidemics books (you should be done by Friday), we're going to continue reading The Watsons Go to Birmingham, 1963, and we're going to start our work for History Day!

* 8th grade GOAL: We're going to finish independent projects, we're going to continue reading To Kill a Mockingbird, and we're going to... well... we're going to see where we are when that's done. I wanted to do the Classics unit next, but those snow days before Christmas Break messed up that plan. I need to take a good look at the calendar. We're either going to do the Classics unit next, or we're going to head right into Images of Greatness. We'll see how long it takes to finish up your independent projects.

* 7th grade Language Arts: This Friday is the deadline for final drafts of your Writer's Workshop pieces. I'm headed into school this afternoon for a fun-filled day of editing the work you handed in before break. I plan to work like crazy today getting that done, so you should plan on doing the same this week to get those pieces in on time. We'll also have spelling to mix things up a bit. ;)

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break. Mine was full of many peaks and valleys. One peak was spending several days with my very best friend in Council Bluffs. One valley was going in the ditch and having to be towed out before I got there. What were your peaks and valleys? 20 NUPoints for commenting.


  1. Peaks: Went to my first ever Hawkeye Basketball game- have about half of my lines memorized and the rest are close-I am 90% ready for my Sieba honar band tryouts which is REALLY AMAZING

    Valleys: The hawkeyes lost-it's cold outside-certain people keep drinking my orange juice which is not all.oh and did I mention it's cold outside?

  2. 20 points plus a bonus 50 for being the first NU point recipient! YEA!!!

  3. Peaks:Got to spend a lot of time with my family and found some new things out about my siblings;) I also got to attend an all nighter and proved I could stay up for 24 hours straight and 2 of our dogs had puppies.

    Valleys: It was freezing so I barely went outside. I didn't really see anybody from fairfield all break. And AJ, my little brother, got nerf guns for christmas and I was mercilessly attacked.

  4. Peaks: Family time, presents
    Valleys: Family time

  5. Peaks: Cool presents, got to see cousins, went to the batting cage, saw old friends
    Valleys: Got really bored at my grandparents house, wasn't ready to go back to school, I'm bad at video games and certain people made fun of me