Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Semester!

Time to start fresh, boys & goyles. Set those goals high, and reach for the stars. Clean slate! At the very least, I know you're all happy about tardies and unprepareds starting over! ;)

Quarter Overview: Here's the very basic skeletal overview of the quarter for all of my classes. Enjoy peeking ahead!

6th GOAL: Invent Iowa (2/17/10) & Oceanography Extension

7th GOAL: History Day (3/16/10) & Census Exploration

8th GOAL: Images of Greatness (3/18/10)

7th Language Arts: Design-An-Ad, Word Collages, Disease Detective Research Papers, and maybe Parts of Speech, depending how far we get.

Before things crank up too far and fast, for 20 (and only 20 this time... no extras for additionals) NUPoints, check out one of the sites in my Idleness Prevention, and comment about it here.

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  1. I LOVE Inspecter Parker! The first time I played it at tech camp I was pretty much in's crazy awesome. I like how on some of it it's right there the answer is right there no questions and on other harder levels you have to make a logical guess and take a risk. It's just over-all pretty awesome!