Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Note about NUPoints

If you're not sure how to comment to receive NUPoints, see me in class. I don't mind if you respond anonymously, but write your initials into the post along with your period number, or see me in class to claim your post. I want to make sure everyone gets credit for their effort.

For 20 NUPoints today, write a Haiku about any of the following topics:

ice storms
missing school
plans gone awry

Remember, a Haiku has 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the second line, and 5 syllables in the third line.

(20 points for the first Haiku, 10 for each additional)


  1. Icestorms:

    Iceicles forming
    Thunderous rain freezing down
    Mystical ice storm

    Missing School:

    Lights flicker then die
    Bad weather keeps us away
    'til another day

    Wake up to the dark
    Oh so much missed already
    To find theres no school


    Haiti Oh Haiti
    Horrible castastrophe
    Earthquakes, Death, Decay

    Lives are torn apart
    Tears are shed, salty and blue
    Help Help Someone Help

    Quake Great Quake Destroyed
    Haiti with its poverty
    Why? Lifes so unfair


    Shaking destroying
    A part of nature, so sad
    Tremble Tremor Quake

    Plans Gone Awry:

    So much leading to that day
    For Disappointment

    Weeks Months spent planning
    For that one day yet to come
    Never to happen

  2. Suffering Haiti
    By Shea Malloy
    Oh how sad: Haiti
    Suffering, crying, dying
    Doing what we can

  3. Earth Shaker
    By Shea Malloy
    Buildings falling down
    Trees hit on the destroyed ground
    People falling over

  4. Joseph Hietpas P. 8January 22, 2010 at 9:25 AM

    I hate to miss school,
    because we go into June,
    and we miss more break!

  5. Hati--
    Hati is destroyed
    People are in need of things
    Be caring and give

    Missing School--
    We are missing school
    Summer will be very short
    I dislike snow days

    Ice storms--
    Ice, Ice, everywhere
    Shiny, slick, and dangerous
    That's what winter brings

  6. Ice Storms
    Icicles around
    Trees touching the frozen ground
    Hi Iowa storm

  7. Haiti

    Haiti is in pain
    They cry for the help they need
    Moping and dying

  8. Ice Storm:

    Rain will freeze today
    Ice falling out of the sky
    Hope it stops quickly


    Earth Quakes kill people
    Damage is Everywhere
    The US should help

    Missing School:

    School is Out again
    We miss so much already
    Do we need to miss


    Cracking the green ground
    Holes in the earth cause ruckus
    Cars can't go anywhere