Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weekly Preview: 1/18-1/21

Our week is getting a late start, thanks to Monday's snow/ice day, but hopefully, we're all rested and ready to go!

6th GOAL: We will be finishing independent project presentations this week. It's taken longer than planned, but the projects have been great so far!

7th GOAL: We're learning more and more about History Day. We'll be picking topics next week and digging into research, so this is the week to really get a good grasp on the process and the expectations. Ask lots of questions!!!

8th GOAL: We will be finishing independent projects this week and then moving into our big third quarter unit, Images of Greatness. Stay tuned for more details!

7th Language Arts: This is a Maintenance Test week, so there will be no spelling pretest, but pp. 111 (1-20), 112 (1-20), and 113 (1-10) will be due Wednesday to review for the big test on Friday. For the rest of the week, we'll be working on our third pen pal letters. Rough drafts are due Wednesday at the end of class. When those are revised, they will be typed and peer-conferenced. Once fixes are made, they are due for teacher edit next Tuesday (1/25) at the end of class. Final drafts will be due next Friday (1/28).

Cast of Bye Bye Birdie: Just stick to the schedule. We'll make up what we missed with section 4 as soon as we can squeeze it in.

Have a good short week, and be careful of that ice. It's still treacherous out there!

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