Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekly Preview: 1/24-1/28

6th GOAL: We are finally finished with Independent Project presentations, and we're ready to move into our next unit on Oceanography. We'll be doing an activity called Great Ocean Rescue, and it will be a taste of what's to come later in the quarter with the 6th grade interdisciplinary unit.

7th GOAL: We're busy with the research phase of our National History Day projects, and we'll be in the library all this week. All research is good, but primary source research is especially good!

8th GOAL: We're busy with the research phase of our Images of Greatness projects. Topics are being finalized this week, and we'll be in the library becoming the experts on our Image of Greatness!

7th Language Arts: We're finishing up our 3rd pen pal letters of the year this week. Letters are due for teacher edit by the end of the day on Tuesday. Final drafts are due Friday. In spelling, Week 19 words focus on plural nouns. Corrections and book p. 118 (1-20) are due Wednesday.

Let's have another great week! :)

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