Thursday, November 6, 2014

6th Grade GOAL Models & Design Unit

For your final assessment for the models & design unit, please write a blog post addressing the following items.  Answer the questions completely so the readers will know what the question was even though you are not recopying it.
  1. Put in the picture I sent you by e-mail.  If you were gone when I sent them, search for an appropriate picture on Creative Commons (an online database on Mrs. Lantz's website).  Experiment to discover how this is done.  Google a tutorial, or consult Blogger help if you're still not sure.
  2. In science, what is a black box?  Explain in detail.
  3. What does consensus mean?  How did your group reach a consensus either in black boxes or Humdingers?
  4. What is the difference between conceptual and physical models?  Explain.
  5. How did your physical model of the Humdinger change over time?  What was the best part of your physical model?  What part needed the most improvement?
  6. How does having a growth mindset help in a unit like models & design?
  7. If you could change anything about this unit to improve it for next year, what would you suggest?
When you have competed your blog post, you may read for your independent reading contract for the rest of the period.  Have a great weekend!

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